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Bolt-Transport’s Technology plugs you in to the highest-quality customer service available. This means real-time communication with Bolt Transport to easily obtain info regarding logistics, shipping, time frames, routing, and more. Bolt Transport Technology also allows easy access touchpoints to quickly perform communications. That same technology also allows Bolt Transport to optimize communication from within the company.

Bolt Transport Technology is continuously looking ahead for new systems to increase even more operating efficiencies. For example, an emerging new system under review is Blockchain, which is a decentralized, distributed ledger system that allows bulk data transfer and cargo tracking in real-time. This can aide all users with the ability to see and enter information that is widely available to those working within the same project.

Bolt Transport Technology is also looking at Augmented Reality (AR) that allows staff in shipping centers to effectively visit another location for a virtual tour of a port or other warehouse. Thus providing a better sense of logistics when those who work at one location are involved with decisions and assignments involving another location away from their realm. AR can help optimize cargo planning, aid maintenance and inspection, navigation, connect global teams, and also help different locations connect virtually.

Bolt-Transport’s Technology is continuously emerging and embracing new ways to better serve our largest goal, which is to always provide logistic services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

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